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Travel and Tourism

Curriculum Intent Statement for Travel and Tourism


The travel and tourism curriculum is designed to provide our students with employability the skills, knowledge of the careers available and attitudes necessary for a popular and expanding employment sector.


Travel and tourism is delivered at years 10-11.  Students will complete a total of 4 units over the 2 year programme; exploring the travel and tourism industry in the UK and worldwide to understand its importance to the economy. They will investigate the importance and different types of destinations whilst identifying the features and what makes them so appealing to the consumer. As part of the course students will learn how to attract and engage with customers using data. This will allow them to develop a successful marketing plan for use within the industry in the future.

The skills taught and developed on this programme will help students examine, interpret and analyse a variety of different information sources to help measure the importance of tourism to the global economy. These skills will be of huge importance in further education or within the world of employment.