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GCSE Geography


The geography curriculum at GM school is designed to create and answer questions about both the natural and human worlds. Students we teach love to learn geography and become empathetic, critical and knowledgeable about the world around them.


We teach students the knowledge & skills needed to be good geographers:

  • Understanding of locations and places
  • Understanding of patterns processes and environmental change
  • Competence in geographical enquiry
  • Ability to interpret and analyse geographical information
  • Communicate showing high levels of fluency, articulation and complex vocabulary.

We have planned our curriculum to ensure that students start year 7 on their geographical learning journey with key concepts and skills, which they will build upon throughout their 5 years at George Mitchell and beyond to A-Level and degree level.

Our KS3 curriculum prepares students for KS4 by interleaving geographical concepts, skills and knowledge. The focus on interactions between the human and physical world is key within the GCSE specification and this is something we believe is the reason why geography is important, therefore we introduce these ideas from the first SOW in year 7 through to the last in Y9. We emphasise links, nothing we teach is standalone, just like no Geographical topic is, or indeed the world around us. We get students to practice the higher order skills of justifying, assessing, evaluating and analysing at KS3, skills which they need to be good Geographers and people. We teach revision strategies and effective self-assessment. We introduce GCSE assessment styles and questions with scaffolding and familiarise students with mark schemes to make GCSE assessments more accessible and students confident at KS4.

Our KS4 curriculum allows students to build upon knowledge and skills they have developed at KS3. We study a range of case studies to show to transfer their knowledge to specific places around the world, allowing students to see geography in action. We interleave topics throughout KS4, to show that both physical and human geography are linked and not standalone. Throughout year 10 and 11, we advance learners ability to self-assess their work as well as teaching multiple revision strategies that they could use. All learning is scaffolded from the top, allowing all students to access the more difficult concepts, knowledge and skills.

General Geography  Websites:

There are plenty of interesting websites for students to learn about Geography. Encourage your child to explore the world through some of the following general websites.

Specific websites for Geography students:·       

Magazines and Books

  • Encourage your child to read as much as possible from a wide range of sources. You should always have an atlas at home and a World, European or UK map on the bedroom wall is always helpful in encouraging learning.