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Primary Enrichment

Enrichment is everyone’s favourite subject, and it’s coming to George Mitchell Primary Phase soon.

From September, children in Key Stage 2 will be able to choose from a range of 5 week courses on offer each half term, from Fashion Design to First Aid. Children will cover the 6 areas of Enrichment learning over the course of the year, earning ‘credits’ towards a Children’s University Degree.

Enrichment courses are each founded outside or in addition to the National Curriculum. Each leads towards a specific ‘outcome’ – perhaps a special book, a performance or an outstanding piece of artwork.

The 6 Areas are:

AUTUMN TERM – STEM and Community

SPRING TERM – Humanities and Languages

SUMMER TERM – Physical and The Arts

Example courses:

STEM: Ev3 Robots; Engineers In Training; Space; Introduction to the Periodic Table;

Community: First Aid; GM Gives; Quality Street Project; GM Scouting Group

Humanities: The Russian Revolution; All About Brazil; Henry’s Court; Genghis Khan; The Silk Trade Route; Mountains and Volcanoes

Languages: Japanese; Spanish; French; Greek; Advanced Latin; Sign Language; Codes; Advanced English; Bengali; Mandarin

Physical: Yoga; Tennis; Cup Stacking; Gymnastics;

The Arts: Fashion Design; Drama; GM Choir; Band; Creative Literacy Project; Sculpture