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School History

George Mitchell today

George Mitchell School is a popular and increasingly successful mixed, multicultural 3-16 comprehensive school with a nursery, attended by children who mainly live in the local area, although some do come from further afield. We are very well served by public transport, and are located on two sites – on Byron Road and Farmer Road

We are very much a community school, at the hub of the local community, and a haven in which our children feel especially safe, happy and valued.

A bygone era…

We have not always been called George Mitchell School.  Farmer Road School was built during 1902 and opened on June 15th 1903 as a school for boys and girls of all ages. During the 1940s it became a secondary boys’ school, and remained so for 40 years.  In 1986 it was reorganised again: it became co-educational, admitting both boys and girls from 11-16 years. And from September 2009, we merged with the former Beaumont Primary School to become George Mitchell School – an all-through school, providing an excellent, comprehensive and inclusive education to local children aged 3-16.

In 1957 the school was renamed in honour of George Mitchell, a student who had attended the school from 1923-1927.  He won the VC during the Second World War.  We maintain links with his regiment, the London Scottish Regiment.  The VC medal, given to the school in 1959, was transferred to the London Scottish Regiment in exchange for a substantial donation towards the creation of community projects and space within the school, as well as 2 minibuses. Another student of the school won the VC – Jack Cornwell, the famous “boy hero” of the Battle of Jutland in 1916.  We are possibly the only state school in Britain which can boast two VCs among its ex-students!

The buildings

George Mitchell School has been redeveloped as part of the Priority School Building Programme funded by the Education Funding Agency. The secondary new build was completed in October 2017 and secondary students now have a modern building that meets the educational needs of our students. ICT equipment in the new build is brand new, there are interactive whiteboards in all classrooms and we have new specialist facilities for Design Technology, Music, Art and Drama. We have a new assembly hall with bleacher seating to allow for the hall to be set up for concerts and performances and a new Sports Hall. Mementos from the old Victorian building have been retained and are on display around the new building. These include The original school plaque commemorating war hero and Victoria Cross winner George Mitchell, who the school is named after,  and various stone carvings from the façade of the old building.

The primary school new build was completed in October 2018. It includes  an Art/Design Technology Studio, a Drama room and a Library and most importantly, rooms and provision for the Early Years so that early Years and Primary children will be taught on the same site.