Good behaviour and good behaviours for learning are not automatically learned. Instead, positive behaviours must be modelled, explained, taught, supported and recognised.

This is delivered through everything that adults within our school community do. At George Mitchell School we believe that good behaviour is the key to a good education and that good behaviour is necessary for effective teaching and learning.

It is essential that our behaviour systems help to create a well ordered, calm and respectful environment where children can grow in confidence feel safe and are able to learn.

Stay On Green

We use ‘Stay On Green’ to promote and reward good behaviour. The expectations are designed to focus on positive action rather than what children should not do.

Always do our best.
Be polite and use our best manners.
Be kind, respectful and helpful.
Be honest and responsible.
Keep our hands, feet and objects to ourselves.
Stay safe and care for people and property.

All pupils start each session on green and move up or down depending on the choices they make. Positive choices are rewarded and negative choices result in an appropriate sanction.

More can be found out about the “Stay on Green” system in the Primary section of the school behaviour policy.

Behaviour Policy
16-02-2019 14:01