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ICT Code of Conduct

Those using the ICT facilities of George Mitchell School must agree to the following and their agreement must be endorsed by their parents:

  • To handle all computer equipment carefully.
  • Not to connect any hardware to school equipment, without the permission of the member of staff in charge of the individual machine.
  • Not to access other people’s files unless permission has been given.
  • Only to use the school’s computers for schoolwork and homework unless permission has been granted otherwise.
  • To report any misuse of computers they see to a member of staff.
  • Not to carry out any action on school ICT facilities that infringes copyright law. 
  • To follow the school’s Code of Conduct for using the Internet

At George Mitchell School, we expect all students to be responsible for their own behaviour on the Internet, just as they are anywhere else in school. This includes the materials they choose to access, and language they use.

Code of Conduct for Using the Internet

  1. Students using the World Wide Web should not deliberately seek out offensive materials. If any student encounters any such material accidentally, he/she should report it immediately to a teacher.
  2. Students are expected not to use any rude language in their email communications and to contact only people whom the teacher has approved.
  3. Students must ask permission before accessing the Internet and have a clear idea why they are using it.
  4. No program files may be downloaded to the computer from the Internet. 
  5. Students using the school network should not send offensive e-mails to anyone. 
  6. No personal information such as phone numbers and addresses should be given out and no arrangements to meet someone should be made unless this is part of an approved school project for which parents/guardians have approved participation.
  7. No student should use the school’s ICT facilities to purchase any goods or services on-line or carry out any other kind of financial transaction.
  8. Students consistently choosing not to comply will be warned and may be denied access to Internet resources. 

When joining George Mitchell School all students and parents sign the ICT Agreement.

ICT Agreement