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Gallery and Events

Reception children celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee

Zoo Lab Visit -Eco Worriers-  

Learning about wild animals and how to protect them.


World Book Day, 3rd March

A big Thank you to those parents who came and read to our children. 

Zoo Lab Visit – Eco Worriers  

Learning about wild animals and how to protect them.

A visit to the farm! 

Making pancakes in Nursery and Reception. 

Independent Chefs making Pakoras

Physical development and fun!

We are very lucky to be located next to a park that provides excellent opportunities for children to develop their physical skills. 

Our Reception children had a great time during a recent trip to ‘Skelton’s lane park in Leyton.

Autumn walk

Children explore changes that take place in Autumn by going for a walk in the local area. 

They explore leaves of various colours, shapes and sizes, and talk about why leaves change colour and fall off the trees in Autumn. 

Eco Investigators- Celebrating Earth Day


This week in Reception we explored how informed choices can protect animals and their habitats. 

We had an up close and personal experience with animals including an endangered species of a Gecko. 

After the experience we created posters about what we can do to protect our environment. Enjoy the pictures! 

British Science Week

In Nursery, children have been closely following NASA’s Perseverance expedition to planet Mars. 

They learnt about the Red planet and space travel and created their own Rovers using various media and materials. 

Celebrating reading at home

World Book Day: Nursery

World Book Day: Reception

Remembrance Day Celebrations-Nursery

Culture Day