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Parents, If you have any Child Protection or Safeguarding concerns about anyone in our school, then please do not hesitate in contacting one of our Designated Safeguarding Leads:

Marissa Tomkins (Secondary) 0208 539 6198 marissa.tomkins@georgemitchellschool.co.uk

Bridgit Edge (Primary) 0208 539 6198 bridgit.edge@georgemitchellschool.co.uk

Safeguarding Policy
Keeping Children Safe in Education

What is Safeguarding?

Safeguarding is:

  • protecting children and young adults from abuse and neglect
  • ensuring children and young adults are healthy and able to develop
  • providing safe and effective care
  • providing opportunities for children and young adults to have the best chances in adult life

The safeguarding governor is Jan Turner. The school’s Child Protection Officers are: Mr Marshall and Ms Tiddy in the secondary phase, and Mrs Williams, Ms Edge and Ms Francis in the primary phase.

How is this achieved?

Safe Recruiting

Every adult who works with pupils/students at George Mitchell – permanent/temporary staff or volunteers – undergo thorough police checks.  All staff receive training every year so that they understand how they can best safeguard all George Mitchell School pupils/students.

Safer Schools Officer (SSO)

All schools have a Safer Schools Officer.  They patrol the school and the local area to keep all pupils/students and adults safe. They have also been involved in teaching in lessons, talking in assemblies and tutor periods and giving important messages on the law and personal safety. Sometimes we ask the SSO to sit in on meetings with parents to support families.

Child Protection

Child Abuse is – ‘Causing harm to a child, or failing to prevent harm.’

If you have any concerns whatsoever regarding child abuse, you can talk to any adult at George Mitchell School.

Student Searches

At George Mitchell School we believe that everyone should feel safe without the threat of violence or intimidation.  We hold random searches to deter anyone from bringing to school any banned items that might put the safety of all at risk.

Trips and Visits

Whenever there is a trip or visit out of school, the safety of everyone on the trip is our main concern.  Thorough health and safety checks and a risk assessment are therefore carried out before any trip.

Nobody will be allowed on any trip/visit unless they have returned a fully completed parental /carer permission slip showing two emergency contact details and any health concerns.


Safeguarding at George Mitchell School is also about providing our students/pupils  with the knowledge on how to keep themselves safe. Through our pastoral curriculum – PHSE (Personal, Health, Social and Economic awareness), drop days, assemblies, tutor periods, lessons, and poster campaigns they receive vital information about:

–    staying safe in the community  
–    sex education
–    drugs education
–    healthy living and eating
–    careers guidance 
–    personal wellbeing
–    economic wellbeing

Can teachers touch Pupils/Students?

A teacher must never touch pupils/students in order to punish them. However, the law allows all staff, whether in school or on out-of-school trips/activities, to use reasonable, physical force to make sure a pupil/student:

•    does not break the law
•    does not hurt her/himself or someone else
•    does not damage her/his own property or someone else’s
•    follows a reasonable instruction

Excellent Anti Bullying Procedures

Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated at George Mitchell School. Bullying of pupils/students and adults will always be taken seriously and dealt with accordingly.

There is ‘Bullying – A Guide for parents and carers’ within the school’s Anti Bullying Policy.

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Advice on Online Safety

The increased use of technology by young people brings many benefits to young people. It also brings some dangers. You can find out more about this in our page on online safety.