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Ethos and Values

Perseverance – Enjoy The Challenge

Respect – Be Kind, Be Safe

Independence – Think For Yourself

Diversity – Include Everybody

Excellence – Go above And Beyond

Our motto ‘More is in Me’ applies to everyone in our school community. We expect and encourage students, staff and families to push beyond themselves to improve their skills so that our students are given the best learning opportunities in school and at home.

At George Mitchell School we expect our students to develop

·         A thirst for learning and a desire to achieve their best at all times

·         Respect for themselves and others

·         The ability to make safe and informed choices about what they do

We aim to provide an aspirational and excellent academic environment that supports students to make sustained progress from Nursery to Year 11. In our school, learning comes first.

Through their time at George Mitchell School, we want our children to develop the confidence to take on new challenges and resilience to overcome difficulties. We want them to understand how to take up an effective role in Modern Britain and develop an awareness of wider world issues.

We want our students to leave George Mitchell School as secure and healthy individuals who are self-reliant, assured and motivated to succeed in life.  We will ensure they are equipped with the skills necessary to explore the many opportunities available to them in the world today.