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Curriculum Offer

Our curriculum provides the following for our pupils: 

  1. A broad and balanced curriculum which reflects the changing world.
  2. Strong GCSE results for all pupils – all pupils will perform to the best of their ability
  3. Ambitious, Independent, and resilient young people.
  4. Life learners with clear pathways in place after they leave George Mitchell School through our Career’s Programme.
  5. A love for learning which builds on cultural knowledge and provokes learners to have a curiosity about the world in which they live in.
  6. A curriculum which respects and reflects the diversity, different backgrounds and experiences of our pupils.

Curriculum Offer

Primary Phase:

  • From Nursery through to Year 6, our pupils follow a theme-based approach to the curriculum, with a particular focus on foundation subjects such as history, geography, science, art, and design technology. Some aspects of the curriculum are delivered daily, while others are taught weekly, half-termly, or during special themed weeks and days.
  • Mathematics and English are taught as discrete subjects and are integrated with the class topic when appropriate. Phonics, spelling, Latin, religious education (RE), and physical education (PE) are also taught as discrete subjects across the school.  

Secondary Phase:

  • We operate a two-week timetable in the Secondary Phase.
  • Each fortnight, there are 40, 1hr lessons for Key stage 3 and 4 students (Mon-Thurs)
  • Each fortnight, there are 10, 50min lessons for Key stage 3 and 4 students (Friday)
  • Tutor time is in the morning, daily for all students. 
  • Tutor time is an essential part of our PSHCE and RSE programme and we dedicate a good proportion of our mornings to getting our pupils ready for their day. 
  • In all Year groups there are mixed ability tutor groups.
  • Year 11 students have additional intervention sessions during the week.


  • There are a range of enrichment clubs for all year groups, such as Duke of Edinburgh, The Shetland music clubs, gardening clubs, technology clubs, sports clubs, homework clubs, chess clubs, coding clubs, drama clubs and an excellent choir.


  • Homework is set for all students using our digital platform SatchelOne (secondary) and   Class Dojo (key stage 2).  Homework is used to rehearse core knowledge.  We also offer a Homework Club, after school for those who need this space.

Curriculum Mapping

All students follow a three-year Key Stage 3 programme and a two-year Key Stage 4 GCSE programme.  Students choose their GCSE option subjects in March of Year 9.  Students can take 4 options.

Lessons over 2 weeks:

Secondary Curriculum Model

PSHE/RSE is delivered at secondary every 2 weeks for 1 hour

*Our Curriculum Model is currently being reviewed for 2023-24*

GM Options booklet 2022 - 2023