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Primary Science

We love Science!

At George Mitchell Primary, children take part in a very wide range of enriching STEM experiences, building a robust bedrock of knowledge, skills and understanding of scientific principles. Our children are enthusiastic, curious and ready for the future.

Primary Science Quality Mark

We achieved the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) accreditation in March 2021. This award is not like other quality marks; it is a year-long development programme which recognises steady improvement and excellence in many aspects of science education, particularly the confident and knowledgeable leadership of science.

It is clear that you are a committed and enthusiastic subject leader who is skilled at monitoring science provision and acting to address identified needs quickly. George Mitchell School is a great place to learn (and teach!) science. Your achievements this year would be substantial at any time, but under current circumstances they are truly remarkable! Well done!” [Feedback for the Primary Phase Science Lead from the Primary Science Quality Mark assessor]

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Science starts with curiosity and we believe strongly in igniting that precious spark of joy and interest through events, competitions, experiments and high quality enrichment.

Our calendar of events includes an annual Science Week each September, a visiting speaker each Spring term, WOW days, fascinating trips to museums, universities and out in the field, and regular exciting events. This year we were visited by owls and other birds of prey in a special assembly – a highlight for everyone!

Love Science? Here’s how you can take it further….

Easy home experiments for the curious:


Links to wonderful activities to enrich and expand your understanding:

Science Museum – Games, activities, apps from the wonderful Science Museum

STEM Family activities

Doctor Bob – so many fun experiments!

Learning Science – ideas for those particularly talented and interested in STEM

Crash Course Kids

Operation Ouch!

Mystery Science

Dr. Chris and Dr. Xan

The kids should see this!

Our Science Principles

Curriculum, Planning and Assessment

National Curriculum Programme of Study

Curriculum Overview for George Mitchell Primary Phase

Science is part of everything we do, but the programme is taught specifically in two ways:

1. Science lessons. These start with completing the first two columns of a KWL grid, and introducing a Big Question. The science lessons for the remainder of the unit have a heavy inquiry focus, leading to an Exit Question at the end of the unit.

2. Reading and Writing lessons in the final week of each half term have a Science text focus, enabling our students to absorb knowledge and become very familiar with how explanation texts in particular are structured.

We assess using our Science Skills Progression statements at the end of each unit. Children in Year 5 are assessed more formally using a SATS style Science test which covers aspects of the KS1 and KS2 programme of study.

Curriculum Support

If you’d like to deepen your understanding of an area of the curriculum, these links will help you.

Oak National Academy (KS1) – videos and teacher-led explanations and experiments linked to each area of the Key Stage 1 Science curriculum

Oak National Academy (KS2) – videos and teacher-led explanations and experiments linked to each area of the Key Stage 2 Science curriculum

BBC Bitesize – short clips and explanations to help you to understand key parts of the curriculum

Science Skills Progression Document