A Message from the Head of Primary

We are currently partially open for children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, and we are planning for a full reopening of the Primary School in September.

We wish you and your families health, joy and an unexpected opportunity to slow down and enjoy each other’ company.

Wishing you well, always,

Samantha Hill, Head of Primary

A special message for George Mitchell children:

For those working at home: we are missing you! Oh, we are missing you so much. . I hope you are using this time to rest, unwind and discover new things. Remember our school values and see how you can put them into practice in your current situation: PRIDE. Perseverance, Respect, Independence, Diversity, Excellence. You know what each of these means and ways you can apply them in different parts of your lives. Do your best each day to find joy in small things, and to bring joy to those around you. Above all else, BE KIND.

Look after your parents and carers- they are amazing but not quite as superhuman as you are. They need your hugs, your kindnesses and your little bit of help around the house.

We look forward to seeing you soon, when schools reopen. Rest up now while you can, because there’ll be plenty to do when we next see you!

A message for parents about the work being set over school closure:

Many of our children are now learning and revising remotely rather than in the school building – but do not worry! We do not expect you to teach your child. When school resumes, we will assess all the children and plan our next sequence of lessons to fill gaps.

Please use this time to enjoy your children’s company, to spend time together, to talk, to laugh together. This is more important than anything.

There are some skills it is very useful to revise and continue to practise. Reading is a skill which is slowly crafted over time; reading daily is very helpful for your child’s ongoing progress. We have also set other tasks for your child to revise known skills, and ideas for getting creative.

Your child will be set approximately 2 hours of work each day, plus some additional enrichment ideas and family challenges. We will set work and communicate mainly through Google Classrooms and Class Dojo for Years 1-6. For children in EYFS, we communicate mainly through Tapestry.

For children in Nursery and Reception (EYFS), we will mainly set creative play and activity ideas. Children in Reception will also have some phonics and reading work set for them to practise.All children in their first two years of reading (for most this will be Reception and Year 1 children) will be set phonics videos to watch and sounds to help them to develop strong reading skills.

From Reception to Year 6, children have been carefully matched with a Bug Club Book Band or Phonics Book Band. Reading this book, ideally with adult support, is the most important skill for children to revise, whether school is open or closed. We would like children to aim to read a complete book each day. Children who are still learning phonics or English language will be set some additional videos and other materials to help them to practise these skills too.

All children from Reception to Year 6 have been set maths skills to revise through our Mathletics platform. Your child may also be offered virtual lessons and materials modelling specific techniques.

We have a number of optional enrichment activities to offer families. Check out our YouTube channel and Enrichment tabs for some great ideas and competitions!

You can expect your child’s teachers and our Home Learning Team to be in touch regularly to support and guide you, and to give feedback on learning. You can also contact us at any time – we are here for you.