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Policies address the practical implications of how to achieve the school’s vision and are a key means of ensuring that agreed values underpin day-to-day decisions and actions in our school. They are about key processes within school and are about interactions between school, pupils, parents and the community.

School policies cover every aspect of school life! Some of our most important policies are published here for your information.  Should you require any copies of policies please let us know.

Admissions Policy 2023
Attendance Policy
Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy
Careers Policy
Careers Provider Access Policy
Charging and Remissions Policy
Child on Child HSB Policy 2022
Complaints Policy
Consent Form workforce
Data Protection Policy (GDPR)
EYFS Policy
George Mitchell Accessibility Plan 2022
George Mitchell School Equality Objectives
GMS Children with Health Needs who Cannot Attend School Policy
GMS SEND Information Report 2022
Inclusion and SEND Policy
Keeping Children Safe in Education
Pupil Premium Strategy Statement
Recruitment Privacy Notice
Safeguarding Policy
Sex and Relationship Education Policy
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy
Whistleblowing Policy
Workforce Privacy Notice