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Research shows that homework contributes to overall pupil achievement. As well as the academic benefits, homework improves self-direction, self-discipline, time management, independent problem solving and parental involvement.

Homework is designed to be meaningful and is set according to the age of the students:

  • Year 7: up to 25 minutes per subject per week
  • Year 8: up to 30 minutes per subject per week
  • Year 9: up to 40 minutes per subject per week
  • GCSE classes: up to 1 hour per subject per week

Realistic deadlines are given for homework which should be recorded in the pupil’s planner. Homework is never set to be completed for the following day. Homework can take many forms, including:

  • Specific tasks that build on class work
  • Completing work started in class
  • Revising or memorising previous learning
  • An extended task or project
  • Research
  • Preparation for test and exams

Parents can support homework by making sure that there is a comfortable place to work. Checking what tasks need to be completed and when will help with organisation. The school planner should be signed by a parent each week. If there are any problems with homework then please contact the teacher by email or leave a message with the school office. Because we believe homework is important, pupils who miss homework may be given a detention. The pupil is still expected to complete the detention.