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Promoting British Values

How we promote British Values at George Mitchell School


At George Mitchell we have a thriving student council comprised of representatives from each tutor group across the school.  This ensures that the student voice is heard and other students know who to talk to if any problems arise.

Within English and Humanities the curriculum is geared towards developing students’ ability to advocate not only for themselves but also for others.

The rule of law

Our student council representatives have devised a student code of conduct, highlighting the expectations of students for each other and this is displayed in each classroom. Through Citizenship we develop students’ awareness of laws and the process of how laws are made. Thus students understand the value and reasons for having both school rules and wider societal laws that benefit citizens.

Individual liberty

In all subjects, students are encouraged to exercise their opinions; make choices independently and know their human rights. In Key Stage 3, they develop an in-depth awareness of how human rights are enshrined in law through a local, national and global scope. We cement students’ decision making ability in our safety and relationships drop down days where external organisations educate on topics such as sexual health and e-safety.

Mutual respect

Our FAB (Fighting against Bullying) group are pioneering our peer-led mediation between students. This has been very successful at resolving bullying issues and both students and staff believe this is an inclusive and respectful way to settle differences. Respect for others is a core value at George Mitchell and it underpins both our academic and pastoral work with students.

Celebration of those with different faiths and beliefs 

George Mitchell has a very diverse student body with over 15 nationalities represented and almost as many languages. These are celebrated in a variety of ways: Henna club after school twice a week; steel pan lessons; Black History Month celebrations during ‘Celebration Day’ to name just a few. Religious education is taught once a week by Humanities staff and there are dedicated spaces for prayers for staff and students. The staff at George Mitchell demonstrate their commitment to British values everyday through their interactions with students.