Parent Teacher and Friends Association

George Mitchell Parent Teacher and Friends Association (PTFA) started in September 2014, so we are a relatively new and currently small organisation at George Mitchell School with big ambitions.


All parents/carers of pupils attending George Mitchell School, friends and residents as well as serving members of the teaching staff can be members of the GM PTFA.

Our aims are to:

Promote co-operation between all parties in everything pertaining to the well-being of the school and its pupils.

Generate additional finance in order to purchase equipment or fund activities that fall outside the general educational budgeting of the school for the benefit of the pupils attending the school.

What can you do?

You could join the GM PTFA Committee or attend a meeting to help us achieve our aims.

Support us by attending or volunteering for one of our scheduled events.

If you are interested in knowing more, then please email us on:

Please clearly state for the attention of the GM PTFA


Secretary               Julie Mace
Treasurer            John Lawrence 

There will be elections for the above positions and the Chair early in 2016.