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Saeed Hussain

I wish you a very warm welcome to George Mitchell All-Through School.

George Mitchell School is a popular and successful All-through school educating children across three phases: Early Years, Primary and Secondary. We have almost 1000 children from nursery age to Year 11. Being an all-through school gives us great opportunities to tailor our curriculum and provision to the needs of every child and we are continuously looking at ways to stretch and challenge our students.

Our school serves a richly diverse area, with many ethnic groups and languages represented. We are very much a community school at the heart of a local neighbourhood, and we provide a haven in which our children feel safe, valued and happy. Every child at George Mitchell is special. We do our utmost to ensure that each student is given every opportunity to learn and succeed and that every student leaves George Mitchell School equipped with the skills and attributes necessary to meet the challenges of the world today. Students leave George Mitchell having been enriched by our diversity and as responsible adult citizens, ready to meet the demands of modern British life.

We are committed to the task of continuing to raise standards. The quality of teaching in our school is continuously improving and our GCSE exam results and end of KS2 results are getting better and better. In fact, performance league tables for GCSE results put us year on year in fifth place in our group of 55 similar schools. Our students make exceptional progress no matter what their starting points may be and this is evidenced by our Progress 8 score of 0.6 which puts us significantly above National Average. In 2019 we aim to do even better.

It is our expectation that our students embrace the school motto ‘more is in me’ and work to take full advantage of every opportunity offered to them here in school. Students are offered a broad curriculum and are encouraged to study the subjects that they are interested in. Student leadership at George Mitchell is strong and the Student Governing Body takes an active role in developing and further improving the experiences of children at the School.

George Mitchell is a school with great strengths. Students are eager to learn and take pride in their school. They are perfect ambassadors for us. I encourage all parents and carers to visit the school and experience our unique learning community for themselves. I am proud to be leading a school as exceptional as ours.

Saeed Hussain