Student Voice

Student Leadership

The school student body is lead by the head boys and head girls. Together with the team of head tutees and deputy-head tutees, they make sure that students play a part in the running of the school.


Head Boy: Junixan Hung
Head Girl: Trinity Bibbon
Deputy Head Girls: Sadaf Arif, Barka Jeylani


Head Boy: Harry Richards
Head Girl: Diya Shafiq
Deputy Head Boy: Isaak Hadj-cherif
Deputy Head Girl: Emiliya Kovalevska

Twist and Pulse

The students/pupils at George Mitchell participate in a wide variety of activities which promotes their opinions, skills and develops their confidence.  They are proud of their school and have a great sense of community for the school and the surrounding area.  The links below highlight the different aspects of Student Voice at George Mitchell School.

Twist and Pulse Video on relationships