Secondary School Day

The School Day

The school day adds up to 25 hours per week. Our timings are:

  • 8.45: Registration/Assembly 
  • 9.05: Period 1 
  • 10.05: Period 2 
  • 11.05: Break time
  • 11.25: Period 3 
  • 12.25: Period 4 
  • 1.25: Lunchtime 
  • 2.15: Period 5 (including reg.) 
  • 3.15: Period 6 (optional)

Fortnightly Timetable

Each week of the school year is called Week A or Week B. The timetable differs slightly according to whether it is Week A or Week B.

What we teach our students

Our overriding aim is make sure that every child is happy, enjoys their school experience and, regardless of ability, gender or background, both achieves her/ his personal best in every aspect of their school life and is a ‘rounded’ person.We want each student to: 

  • have a love of learning and be able to adapt to any workplace
  • be literate, numerate and have good information technology skills
  • be able to work on their own but also with others
  • feel good about themselves, because they can succeed, but be able also to cope with times of failure and disappointment 
  • have an opportunity to ‘shine’ in at least one area of school
  • excel where they have a real strength 

We set challenging work for all our students – but we have a first-rate Learning Support Department for those students who sometimes find work difficult. We recognise the need to offer students a broad education but also allow them some freedom in Years 10/11 to choose those subjects which they find particularly enjoyable or which they may need for their career pathways. We tailor the curriculum as closely as possible to the needs of individual students.