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Inclusion and SEND

Inclusion and SEND Policy
22-10-2020 16:04

Students’ personal development and well-being are a top priority for us at George Mitchell School.  They feel very safe and enjoy being at school, which equips them well to become confident young people.

The Inclusion Team at George Mitchell believes that all pupils and students can achieve their potential no matter what obstacles they may have to overcome. Many children, for an array of reasons, need some form of intervention and support, above and beyond what is provided by teachers in the classroom. Our Inclusion team works tirelessly to indentify these children and obstacles, and by working with them, their families and other agencies attempt to address the challenges our young people face in achieving their potential.

Learning Support within Inclusion

The Inclusion team is divided into two main areas, Social Inclusion and Learning Support.

At George Mitchell, students identified as requiring extra support (Special Educational Needs – SEN – students) receive both in-class support and additional literacy sessions. This support is provided by our extremely well qualified and experienced team of Teaching Assistants (TAs).

All students with a Statement of Special Educational Needs and others identified on the SEN register have a Provision Map/Individual Education Plan (IEP). Teachers and TAs work closely together to ensure that the individual learning needs of all SEN students are met.

Our Learning Support team has expertise in mentoring, counselling, dyslexia, reading recovery, phonics, language and communication.

The primary phase of George Mitchell benefits through the co-ordination of our Inclusion Manager, from the input of our TAs, and a very experienced Higher Lever Teaching Assistant (HLTA) all involved in supporting our new programme Success for All (SfA).  Please see Primary section for more details.  Speech and language classes are also run in the primary phase under the supervision of a highly qualified Speech Therapist.

Contact details of SENCo:

Secondary: Symrhunn Pitsialis Symrhunn.Pitsialis@georgemitchellschool.co.uk

Primary: Sophia Francis Sophia.Francis@georgemitchellschool.co.uk

Social Inclusion

The Social Inclusion team works with vulnerable students who, for a number of reasons, may struggle to focus on their work. Students with behaviour, friendship, bullying, bereavement, family or confidence issues are mentored and cared for by our highly trained and experienced team. On occasions the Social Inclusion Manager feels it necessary to involve outside agencies to provide even greater support for the pupils/students. These provisions consist of mentoring and counselling services, behaviour support teams, child and family support teams, health workers and numerous youth charities.

The Social Inclusion team is based in the Student Support Unit (SSU) on the Farmer Road site. This specialised unit provides a haven for students who, at various times, need time away from the hustle and bustle of daily school life.

The SSU also serves as a workplace for students whose behaviour on occasion does not meet George Mitchell’s high standards. Pupils/students whose behaviour requires a referral to the SSU receive 1:1 tuition and are mentored, supported and provided with strategies for improving and modifying their behaviour.  Our Learning Mentor also works closely with students/pupils including an attendance/punctuality group for help in these areas.

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